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Cinco Sentidos Mezcal - Bicuixe-Madrecuixe

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This limited-release Cinco Sentidos bottling of Bicuixe-Madrecuixe is a post-distillation blend of two batches made by maestro mezcalero Atenogenes Garcia in 2013 and 2014. He and his son José harvested cultivated Madrecuixe and wild Bicuixe agave to craft a spirit that is wildly aromatic with notes of dill, fennel, pine needle, grapefruit rind and petrichor on the nose. The palate is a delightful mix of anis, spring flowers, salty caramel and anis. The finish is mellow yet prolonged.

  • Mezcalero Atenogenes Garcia
  • Village San Isidiro Guishe, Oaxaca
  • Agave 77% Cultivated Madrecuixe (12-15 years). 23% Wild Bicuixe (13-15 years)
  • Mill Tahona
  • Oven Cooked for six days in underground ovens with rocks and oak
  • Fermentation Pine and cypress vats with well water
  • Still Double distilled in copper pots
  • Proof 96.4 / 48.2% ABV
  • Yield 272 Bottles