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Bulleit Single Barrel Bourbon

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At over 77% Angel's Share, this Bulleit single barrel bourbon suffered more loss than any whiskey we've ever selected. Under the guidance of Single Barrel Program Manager Melissa Rift, barrel 2-E1-0521 was hand-selected by Brandon SmithBrian BoothJamar MackJohn WadellRashaun Hall, Scott Ruhnau, Pierre Auguste and OJ Lima on May 5, 2021. This Kentucky straight bourbon was proofed to 104, then bottled exclusively for Taste Select Repeat. 

Too Short

  • Distiller Undisclosed.
  • Barrel  2-E1-0521
  • Cooperage Independent Stave. 53G. Char 4.
  • Mash Bill E - 75% Corn. 21% Rye. 4% Malted Barley.
  • Yeast Strain 1.
  • Age 10 Years.
  • Yield 60 Bottles.
  • Proof 104. 52.% ABV.