The Booster Box | Quarterly Subscription

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Every three months, we'll send you a fun, curated gift that celebrates the things we love about the liquor lifestyle. A tasting kit, a bottle, a sweatshirt... We promise to keep it interesting. We aspire to keep the price around $75, and you can cancel at any time. Additionally, your subscription keeps your membership active. This is a trial program so supplies are limited.

Spring '22 Mezcal & Tequila Blind Tasting Kit

Here's your opportunity to try six bottles from our agave shop. This Booster Box contains two mezcals (Alipus San Luis, 5 Sentidos Papalometl), and four tequilas: two reposados (Clase Azul, Gran Centenario), one anejo (7 Leguas) and one extra anejo (La Adelita).

Use your tasting mat to take notes, then submit your ranking to us. We'll reveal the identity of the samples to you via email and tally member rankings at an upcoming First Thursday. 

  • Six one-ounce samples
  • Laminated tasting mat
  • Dry erase marker
  • Glasses not included