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2-Bottle Bulk Pack

This two-bottle combo includes the Discovery 4 and Fusion 4 bourbons. Bardstown Bourbon is more than a fun place to grab a meal and a cocktail. They've come on strong with their most recent releases and Series 4 is a continuation of that momentum. The reviews on Discovery 4 have been absurd and the distiller has finally found its lane with the Fusion series. Both are blends of barrels of various ages with the Discovery using older barrels and coming in at a higher proof. 

Discovery 4

  • Age 10 Years (bourbon blend 10-15 years old)
  • Mash Bill Too long to list
  • Proof 115 / 57.5% ABV
Fusion 4
  • Age 3 Years (bourbon blend 3-13 years old)
  • Mash Bill Too long to list
  • Proof 94.9 / 47.45% ABV