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The Yama is Bainbridge's flagship whiskey. It's won too many awards to name and, until now, it was gift shop only. The name pays homage to the village of Yama on Bainbridge Island, which was founded in 1883 by Japanese immigrants who settled the area to start new lives.

This single grain straight whiskey's made from un-malted barley that's grown in Washington's Skagit Valley. It's double pot-distilled, diluted to 126.5 proof, and then barreled in Mizunara casks. These barrels are some of the most rare and expensive in the world because of the flavors they impart and the manner in which they speed up maturation.

The whiskey showcases bright aromatics of mango, vanilla, toasted sandalwood, and tropical flowers. The palate opens on nutmeg, pear and toasty wood, then settles into honeyed vanilla and toasted marshmallow. The Finish is warm with fading spice and a pleasant grip of oak.

  • Age NAS (4+ Years)
  • Cooperage Undisclosed. Custom Japanese-made 66 gallon virgin Mizunara. Japanese char 4 (equivalent to American char 3).
  • Mash Bill 100% Organic Full Pint and Alba Barley.
  • Proof 90 / 45% ABV

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