El Caballito Cerrero • Blanco 46 & Reposado | Tequila

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El Caballito Cerrero is a small but mighty distillery in Amatitan that's considered one of Mexico's best producers of agave spirits. Family-owned and operated since the 1870s, they continue to make micro batches in the old-world style. Their blanco is distilled at a higher proof and bottled at 46% ABV (still strength), which is 6% higher than most tequilas. It's full-bodied with a bold nose. It drinks clean with an earthy flavor upfront, and finishes with agave sweetness and tropical fruit. It's a throwback to pre-industrial blancos. Their reposado, meanwhile, is oak forward and has a mellow sweetness and lower proof.  

  • Nom 1114
  • Region Jalisco, Los Valles 
  • Cooking Stone / Brick Ovens
  • Extraction Roller Mill
  • Water Source Natural Spring Water
  • Fermentation Natural Yeast. No Fibers. Open-air in Stainless Steel Tanks.
  • Distillation Twice Distilled.
  • Still Stainless Steel and Copper Pot.
  • Proof Blanco 46 - 92 / 46% ABV. Reposado - 80 / 40% ABV.