Old Forester Bourbon - 1910

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Distilled by Brown-Forman, this is Old Forester's take on a toasted barrel bourbon. Standard 100 proof Old Forester is re-barreled in a lightly toasted, heavily charred barrel. This delivers waves of sweetness highlighted by caramel and vanilla. It also has a surprisingly thick mouthfeel for a whiskey bottled at 93 proof. The sweetness continues on the finish but this is were the oak and leather flavors stand out. Over all, 1910''s an excellent sipper. No wonder, it won Members' Choice in our October blind in Washington, DC. 

  • Age NAS
  • Mash Bill 72% Corn. 18% Rye. 10% Malted Barley.
  • Proof¬†93¬†/ 46.5% ABV‚Ā£‚Ā£‚Ā£

Selected blind by TSR Members in October 2021

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