Woodford Reserve Bourbon - Double Oaked

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If you're curious about the toasted bourbon craze, look no further than Woodford's Double Oaked. This is Woodford Reserve finished in a barrel for 6-12 months, that's been deeply toasted and lightly charred. It has all the marshmallow notes you'd expect from a toasted bourbon. The rye spice is dialed way back making room for notes of sweet vanilla, oak, and dried fruits. At 90.4 proof, it's an easy sipper with a mellow finish, but tastes less watered down than standard Woodford. If you're a fan of Woodford Reserve, Double Oaked should be on your hit list.

  • Age NAS (Straight Bourbon)
  • Mash Bill 72% Corn. 18% Rye. 10% Malted Barley.
  • Proof¬†90.4 / 45.8% ABV


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